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Room of Collections

Here, I would like to show you some of my favourite Kitty stuffs.
Some were bought for long time and some were new collections.
I like them all. Do you like them? Let's have a look now!

**You can view the actual size of some stuffs by clicking the pictures!**

That's the first Hello Kitty stuff I got. My father bought
for me when I was still small, um... maybe about 5 years old...
I still remember that I could choose one from two presents and
lastly I chose this kitty box. I think it is cute and I like it so much!

Do you know what it is? It's important
when you are injured. Though you are injured,
you'll be happy when you see Kitty!

It's a small calculator that can be put in
my diary. It's my birthday present from my
friend in F.6! I like it very much !

Last year, it's popular to place Kitty's
head to different animals. My sister bought
that "chicken Kitty" for me for birthday
presents because I was born in "chicken year"!

My uncle bought it for me in Taiwan.
Though it's not a very special one,
I like it as it's a present from my uncle.

This is a Hello Kitty lamp. It's beautiful
when it is turned on at night! It's my birthday
present from anne. Really thanks for her ^_^

Kitty becomes a mouse!!! Is it interesting?
This mouse is a bit smaller than a normal mouse.
But it is as good as others. Miffy give me ga... haha~

Kitty is like an elegant and rich lady, right?
She is so pretty ar... thanks quiz...

We wish you a merry chrsitmas...
There is music and light when turn it
on. A beautiful X'mas tree! It's my present
from my good good classmate... thanks^_^

A Hello Kitty music box.
When you open it, you can listen
a nice music! Birthday present from anne again. ^_^

A little Hello Kitty paino.
There is music when you turn
it on... This is a present from
my old classmate, kathy...

This is my bedroom!! Hello Kitty
doll and bed cover... Is it nice?!