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Room of My Family

Welcome to my family room!!! In this place, you can know
much more about my family. They are very nice and we live
happily in a red roof little house at a suburban town in London.


- Loves reading books
- Hardworing and very dependable
- Have a good sense of humor
- Loves to chat on about almost anything


- A very loving mother
- Makes the best apple pies
- Loves cooking and baking cake with daughters
- Always busy and occupied to take care of the house


- Hello Kitty's twin sister.
- Wears a ribbon on her right
- Little shy
- A loving and friendly girl
                    - Has lots of friends just like Hello Kitty


- Is a wise man, knows everything well.
- Loves sharing his thoughts by painting
                    - Always tells greatest tales so children love to get around with him.


- Is a great cook
- Makes the best puddings
- Loves making embroidery in her rocking-chair