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21/7/02 Hello Kitty dolls from McDonald have been added in the product part.
31/5/02 You can now send Hello Kitty greeting cards to your friends!!
29/5/02 Back Tripod again... Can anyone tell me which site builder is better?......
25/5/02 Some new information about Hello Kitty Karaoke in the product part.
18/5/02 Today, I have arranged the wallpaper part and two new wallpapers have been added there.
18/5/02 I haven't updated this page for long time. Now all exams have finished and summer holidays come again! I can continue my work!!!
14/01/02 My second sem. will start tomorrow, don't want to go school!
12/01/02 Some kitty collections are added... two music box, my kitty doll and bed cover~~
11/01/02 Today, I go Hung Hom to play with Miffy and Leonie. Very happy!!
08/01/02 I have added a midi "keep the time" to my childhood photo part. It's one of my favourite song...
07/01/02 Some kitty snacks have been just added to the product's part!
02/01/02 Four childhood photo are added in candy's part. Go to see see la!!!
01/01/02 Happy New Year!!! 2002 is come la! Hope all the unhappy things in 2001 will pass away and all good things come in 2002 la!!! Everyone will be happy forever! ^_^
31/12/01 Some Kitty collections are added!!! Kitty lamp, mouse, doll and X'mas tree!
28/12/01 Today is a great day for Hello Kitty Palace!!! I can kick away Tripod and open this page again! Hope geocities will be better la! And also hope you enjoy this page ^_^