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Room of Products

Hello Kitty Cafe
These are the souvenirs from Hello Kitty Cafe.
Have you been to Hello Kitty Cafe before? There
are different kinds of food, such as Kitty pancake,
Kitty toast, Kitty jelly... Very cute!!!


Hello Kitty Cakes
When is your birthday? Will you be more
happier if you can eat Kitty birthday
cake in your birthday? My friends bought
one for me before in my birthday. I was
really very excited about it! Hope you
can eat these delicious Kitty cakes together!

Hello Kitty Snack
These all are Kitty snack including, biscuit,
sweet and chocolate. There are two tastes in chocolate
which are strawberry and black chocolate. And also there
is a small kitty in the chocolate box. Click it to open!

biscuit click to open it!